Manage your heart health from home

Get expert care, monitoring, and prescriptions without waiting rooms and pharmacy lines

Covered by Medicare and other insurance

Gordy partners with you to manage your heart health in three simple ways.

1 Easy appointments

Meet with one of our heart specialists by video or phone. Whatever works for you.

2 In-home care

Get medications and easy-to-use care tools delivered to your door, without confusing tech.

3 Real-time monitoring

We monitor your readings remotely and if needed, make adjustments to your prescriptions.

Better heart health means:

avoiding heart attacks & strokes

more time with family

preventing kidney disease

more time for what I love

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What our patients are saying

“I have very inconsistent blood pressure. I like that my readings are sent straight to my doctor and we review everything every two weeks. We’re keeping track of things together.”

Gordy Health Patient

“It’s a very reassuring feeling to have someone keep a close eye on my blood pressure. And the service is convenient – I’ve really enjoyed it so far.”

Gordy Health Patient

“It’s an ingenious way to get accurate readings to my doctor. It has expelled erroneous beliefs that my blood pressure was consistent”

Gordy Health Patient

“It’s nice that my doctor sees my readings more often and will contact me if there’s an issue. I also don’t have to wait months to go back to the doctor’s office to know if the medication is working or not.”

Gordy Health Patient

Our story

For us, it’s personal

Our CEO, Cody Cargill, lost his grandfather to a heart attack and almost lost his dad, Gordy, to one as well. Gordy Health was founded to prevent complications from heart disease.

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