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No matter your role in patient care, Gordy can help increase access, improve outcomes, and lower costs.

Despite understanding how to treat hypertension, our current healthcare system is failing patients and providers.

Blood pressure management
requires more patient data

We capture at-home
readings longitudinally

Providers lack time and
resources for optimal care

We are an extension
of your care team

Patients struggle with
medications and appointments

We deliver convenient,
accessible care in-home

How We Help

We’ll work with you to design a partnership that works best for your organization, with services that scale up or down depending on your needs. You identify the patients — our team will provide the care to bring their blood pressure under control. You’re in the loop on all interactions and decisions.

What clinical experts are saying

“Blood pressures measured at home rather than in the clinic are better for predicting future risk of heart disease, strokes, and kidney failure. Gordy Health makes measuring home blood pressures easy for patients and allows clinicians to rapidly adjust treatments to optimize preventive care.”

Dr. Neil Kalwani , Cardiologist and Health Services Research Fellow at Stanford University

“Patients are more medically complex than ever due to multiple chronic medical conditions that require attention. Clinicians have limited time and resources. Innovative solutions like Gordy Health help clinicians and patients manage hypertension with a high touch, evidence-based approach to meet guideline recommended blood pressure targets.”

Dr. Luke Laffin , Co-Director of Center for
Blood Pressure Disorders at Cleveland Clinic

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